USA Tips Ceramic Sealcoating Tips 1/4 or 3/8 inch (Qty 3)

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Quick Overview:
  • Sold as a 3 pack (mix and match)
  • Hard ceramic for better quality and lasts longer
  • 1/4″ or 3/8″ NTP Threads and choose 80/40, 80/50 or 80/70 orifice size
  • Made by USA Tips
  • Better pattern, better consistency, better tip, period
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USA Tips is the leader in ceramic sealcoating spray tips. If you’ve never used ceramic, you’re missing out! Ceramic spray tips are a harder material than steel and provide a much cleaner spray pattern. Driveway sealcoaters love the ceramic tips because they can get right up to the edge of the drive with hardly any overspray on the grass. Parking lot sealcoaters love them because the consistent spray pattern gives a more uniform coat and on average, uses 5% less sealer.

Ceramic sealcoating tips are an absolute must if you’re into spraying heavy aggregates with your sealcoat sealer. The harder material allows you to put through more sealer, without wearing the tip down as fast and you still get the added bonus of a nice crisp spray pattern.

USA Tips have been known among the industry to be some of the absolute best quality tips you can get. They’re pricy compared to the knockoff tips and overseas ceramic tips but you can rest-assured your money is staying in the US and the quality is hands down, worth the money. These American made tips are a night and day difference over the steel tips and many sealcoaters won’t go back once they’ve used USA Tips.

A lot of folks think the tip prices are too high when compared to the inexpensive steel tips.  If a steel tip costs you $5 and the USA Tip lasts 4-5 times longer, 5 x $5 = $25, so the cost really isn’t much different!  A few bucks more for a much better tip that has less over-spray, a more consistent pattern and uses less sealer?  And you really have to justify it??  Just make sure you don’t drop your wand 😉

Tell you what, let’s check out some of the comments we dug up from professionals talking about the USA Tips:

For those of you that are just starting out spraying for your first year, CERAMIC spray tips! I can’t say this enough, they do a dead straight pattern no wave in the middle, I can go to the edge of a driveway and not hit the grass, with the time it saves you from having to edge so you don’t spray the grass is worth every penny!

Depending on how much you’re paying for steel tips you get a good value for both. Ceramics do last about 4-5 times longer. Really the difference comes from sand loads. Ceramics are the way to go spraying heavy sand. Only way is to try and see for your self.

Ceramic spray tips are the way to go when spraying sealer… 100x

Been using USA Tips for over 20 years. Great tips. Worth the extra money if you take care of them. Liberty Supply sent me 2 of their tips to try this year also.

Best spray pattern from a ceramic and 100 times better than steel. If you take care of them they last.

Have been using these tips for almost 15 years and they are by far the best in the market. If you can’t get over the price then you need to learn how to track and job cost. Great customer service as well.

What makes them so great? Spray pattern, and they outlast all other ceramic tips hands down. I’m sure some may disagree but I’m guessing there’s more that don’t like the price as oppose to how it sprays.

Pro: Last at least 20 times longer than steel if you take care of them; Nicer spray pattern.
Con: easily broke if you are not careful; Cost

Whether you’re a seasoned sealcoater or new to the business, give the USA ceramic sealcoating tips a try and find out the difference yourself.

These tips are sold as a 3 pack of fully assembled tips which gives you three re-usable brass fittings, 3 tips and 3 reusable nylon caps.

Tip Sizes

The USA tips are sold as either a 1/4″ NPT or 3/8″ NPT thread and you can choose from an 80/40, 80/50 or 80/70 orifice size.  Both tips have 3/8″ straight thread on one end for the nylon cap.


80/40 – The 40’s spray a smaller pattern and they are perfect for driveways or small parking lots where crisp edges and minimal overspray is required.


80/50 – The 50’s give a nice average pattern and are ideal for small to medium-sized parking lots.  These spray a lot like the 80/50 steel tips.


80/70 – The 70’s give a nice wide pattern for maximum coverage and make great spray tip for medium to large-sized parking lots.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 in
Tip #1

1/4" x 80/40, 1/4" x 80/50, 1/4" x 80/70, 3/8" x 80/40, 3/8" x 80/50, 3/8" x 80/70

Tip #2

1/4" x 80/40, 1/4" x 80/50, 1/4" x 80/70, 3/8" x 80/40, 3/8" x 80/50, 3/8" x 80/70

Tip #3

1/4" x 80/40, 1/4" x 80/50, 1/4" x 80/70, 3/8" x 80/40, 3/8" x 80/50, 3/8" x 80/70


USA Tips

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