Oil Flo: One Pint and Empty Spray Bottle


Oil-Flo: One Pint & Empty Spray Bottle

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Oil Flo: One Pint and Empty Spray Bottle.

Oil Flo tar and asphalt remover can remove the worst substance with ease from almost any surface.

Apply this gently dab on the surface but when applied to tar, stain, oil, adhesive or other unwanted marks, it will remove the substance when rinsed with water.

It first bonds to the substance which could be an oily stain or roofing tar or asphalt sealer and then bonds with water after attaching to the problem and is simply washed away.

The best part is that this graffiti remover is water-soluble and will wash away not only the toughest asphalt tar and oil spots but also the organic stains too like gum, candle wax, caulk or about anything tough to remove. Oil Flo is the best graffiti remover around.
Removes Tar, sealer, adhesives and oil stains

Removes organic matter such as gum, caulk, and graffiti

Grabs ahold of the stain or oil and then rinses away with water

Good on most surfaces such as concrete, metals, machinery, cars, boats, trucks, tanks, carpet, glass, vinyl, upholstery, clothing and more.”

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