Oil-Flo: One Gallon


Oil-Flo: One Gallon.

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Oil-Flo: One Gallon.

Oil Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner is a non-volatile solvent cleaner for removing organic stains such as asphalt, tar, oils, tree pitch, adhesive stickers, gum, candle wax, silicon caulk, roof tar, oil, etc. It is a versatile and effective cleaner that works especially great for removing graffiti.

Oil Flo is safely used on glass, vinyl, concrete, metals, carpets, and clothing.

Oil Flo is the proven answer to cleaning asphalt, spills, overspray, equipment, clothes, concrete and lots more. Oil Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner will remove numerous organic stains, marks, and residues from glass and other hard surfaces.

Oil-Flo is a unique water-soluble liquid that dissolves various hard-to-clean materials including crayon marks, adhesive residue (from tape, stickers and solar film, for example), window caulk, graffiti, permanent marker, oily films, and lots more. (Please note that Oil-Flo will not remove mineral deposits.)

Oil Flo is water-soluble and has slow evaporation. Once the contaminants are dissolved, they can be washed away cleanly with water leaving zero residues.

Oil Flo is non-foaming, safe and very economical. Oil Flo is especially useful in paving and roofing applications, construction site cleanup, rehabilitated plants and buildings, around industrial and power generating stations, after vandal attacks and for removing solar window film residue; plus many other special situations involving difficult cleanup. It is essential for every window cleaner and film installer.

A gallon will cover approx. 800 to 3200 square feet.

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Weight9 lbs
Dimensions11.5 × 6.8 × 4.5 in


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