Torch & Adaptor Accessory – Torch-Kit Upgrade Kit with Splitter


A perfect accessory to the industry leading RY10-PRO Melter Applicator. Burn out vegetation or heat up old crack fill in cracks.

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This high-quality torch will work with on any melter with a standard propane tank (not included). It lets you clean cracks on the fly, give the valve some extra heat at start up and helps you keep your equipment clean. Need to heat up old crackfill seams to remove them? This is the right tool for you! Save time and make money. Comes with everything needed to add to the RY10 Pro including Y adaptor that allows for the RY10 Pro to operate and the torch to be engaged or shut off at a whim.

If you have an older (pre-2017) RY10 Pro, you can weld a bracket onto it in order to use this torch accessory. Current RY10 Pros come standard with the bracket.

Hose Length: 7 feet

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