RY30MK 30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Kettle

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Solid, well built torch-fired 30 gallon melter kettle melts rubber cubes of crack filler for crack filling.

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The RY30MK melter is a heavy-duty asphalt melter kettle. Its onboard features are made to reduce operation inconveniences and increase rubber crack filler production even during the most demanding projects.  Bolt it to a truck or trailer, or let it stand alone on a job site, wherever you need large quantities of hot and ready crack fill.

What is the maximum fluid capacity of the RY30MK?

You can quickly identify the fluid capacity of a RynoWorx crack filling machine model by looking at the name, precisely the numerical value. Since this model is an RY30MK, its liquid capacity is available at 30-gallon. A larger capacity means that compared to its brother, the RY10MK, you’ll have more space to hold your preferred melted crack filler.

How many feet of crack sealant can it produce?

The RY30MK melter model is suitable for large and demanding crack sealing repairs because of its maximum sealant production. In an hour, you can expect to get 900-feet of melted rubber. At the end of the day, this machine can give you as much as 7,200 feet of crack filler.

What kind of burner does it use?

The RY30MK has propane-fueled heating torch burner. It can easily and quickly melt your choice of crack fillers because it can output 150,000 BTU. Combined with a 30-gallon capacity and its powerful torch burner, you can drastically reduce time and effort spent in melting rubber sealant filler.

Is it easy to operate?

Despite its outstanding specifications, the RY30MK is a straight-forward and no-fuss melter kettle, which ensures ease of operation even for workers with limited experience. Dispensing melted crack filler has never been easy more accessible thanks to its durable 2″ molasses valve. There’s also a standard manual agitation so you can achieve the right consistency all the time. RynoWorx even added a safety latch to prevent spillage as you work from one area to another.

Can I use it while mounted to my truck? 

In addition to the melter kettle’s high fluid capacity and efficient heating torch, RynoWorx made the RY30MK to be 100% user-friendly. Instead of having the machine as free-standing only, they’ve added an option to use this heavy-duty equipment while mounted to your vehicle. You can securely fasten the RY30MK model by using a rope or mounting kit through its 1/2″ holes at its legs. There are lifting handles on the sides of the machine for easy transporting.



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