Hurricane Z3001 (Formally Z3000) 35HP Stand On Blower

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The Hurricane Z3000 from Billy Goat is a high-powered, efficient stand-on blower designed for professional use, particularly in asphalt sealcoating. It features a 35 hp Vanguard engine, dual deflector airflow system for precise control, and ergonomic design for operator comfort. Equipped with LED lights for night operation, a self-activating parking brake, and optional pavement tires, it is ideal for large area debris clearing, offering enhanced maneuverability, reduced noise, and increased productivity for contractors.


The Hurricane Z3001 (formally Z3000) by Billy Goat is a robust and versatile stand-on blower that offers significant advantages for asphalt sealcoating contractors. Its key features include:

1. **Power and Efficiency**: The Z3001 (formally Z3000) is equipped with a Vanguard engine with a power rating of 35 hp and an airflow capacity of 7500 cubic feet per minute, ensuring efficient cleaning of large areas with leaves and debris. The blower housing design draws air from both sides, increasing air velocity and reducing noise while delivering more power to push leaves and debris farther.

2. **Maneuverability and Control**: The patented Quad Control Handle System™ provides seamless control of the machine’s direction with an automatic return to neutral, operator presence control, and a self-activating parking brake. This allows for ease of operation, especially important in intricate areas commonly found in sealcoating projects.

3. **Adjustable Air Flow**: The patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System™ and Joy Stick Deflector Control enable operators to adjust the air flow angle for more effective cleaning. This feature is particularly useful for directing debris away from sensitive areas or for targeting specific spots during the sealcoating process.

4. **Extended Operation Capabilities**: With LED lights for night operation, the Z3001 (formally Z3000)is suitable for extended work hours, which is beneficial during peak sealcoating seasons when daylight is limited.

5. **Comfort and Safety**: The ergonomic operator platform with a non-skid surface and padded thigh pad ensures operator comfort and safety, a crucial aspect for contractors spending long hours on the job.

6. **Transport and Handling**: The Z3001 (formally Z3000) features a torsion-mounted front axle assembly for easily handling curbs and front and rear tie-downs for secure transport – essential for contractors who move between multiple job sites.

7. **Optional Pavement Tire**: An optional pavement tire with tread wraparound is available for the Z3001 (formally Z3000), enhancing maneuverability and increasing tire life, which can be a cost-effective feature for contractors regularly working on asphalt surfaces.

Overall, the Hurricane Z3001 (formally Z3000) stands out as a highly efficient, easy-to-operate, and versatile tool for asphalt sealcoating contractors, offering superior cleanup power, maneuverability, and comfort, vital for the demanding and time-sensitive nature of sealcoating projects.


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