Mini Asphalt Roller


Patch up potholes professionally with an mini asphalt roller to tamp down.



When you want to have a long-lasting permanent asphalt patch, a handheld tamper isn’t going to cut it. For the best compression, you’ll want to get a Mini asphalt roller or a vibrating plate to compact your patch down properly.

This heavy duty vibratory asphalt compacting roller  is made from steel and vibrates to achieve 850 psi of compaction. Easy to maneuver and lightweight (weighing only 105 lbs), anyone can use this vibrating compact roller.

This quality roller is constructed with continuous welds and heavy duty steel. Includes a 3 HP Honda gas engine and built-in water tank. The adjustable handle has three positions, and the belt has an adjustable tensioner.

One man operation , small, compact , toss in the rear asphalt patch truck or hot box trailer unit.


Weight105 lbs
ConstructionHeavy duty steel
Engine3 HP Honda gasoline
Compaction850 lbs
  • Continuous welds
  • 3 point adjustable handle
  • Built-in water tank


Safe Seal

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