37 HP Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower

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The Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower is a powerful, efficient tool for asphalt seal coating contractors, featuring a 37 hp Briggs Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ engine, ergonomic controls, and a comfortable operator station. Its large, dual air intake and 8-blade impeller deliver massive air output of up to 7,500 CFM, ideal for clearing debris. With its compact design and multi-directional air control, it offers unmatched maneuverability and precision in debris management, ensuring clean surfaces for seal coating applications


Introducing the Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower, a game-changer for asphalt seal coating contractors. This robust machine, powered by a 37 hp Briggs Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ engine, is designed to tackle the toughest of cleaning jobs with ease. Its compact, stand-on design ensures exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces, crucial for busy work sites.

Key Features:
1. **Powerful Engine**: 37 hp Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ EFI air-cooled engine delivers immense power and reliable performance
2. **Operator Comfort**: Extra-large cushion and a coil-suspension platform provide superior comfort during long hours of operation. It includes tie-down points for easy transport and features accessible service points
3. **Efficient Control System**: Ergonomic drive-control lever and a fully equipped instrument panel featuring Scag’s Tiger Eye™ Advanced Monitoring System ensure ease of use and full control.
4. **Optimized Air Intake**: Dual front and rear air intakes are aerodynamically designed to maximize airflow and minimize turbulence.
5. **Durable Construction**: All-steel, 8-blade impeller construction ensures longevity and smooth operation. The impeller is dynamically balanced, reducing vibration and enhancing performance.
6. **Massive Air Output**: Capable of up to 6,000 CFM effective output, providing powerful ground-clearing force suitable for various surfaces and applications.
7. **Adjustable Discharge Nozzle**: Vertical-tilt and dual horizontal-rotation controls allow precise targeting of airflow, maximizing debris removal efficiency.
8. **Multi-Directional Air-Output Control**: Scag’s exclusive Nozzle Direction System offers unparalleled control over air-discharge direction.

– Model: WS23-37BV-EFI
– Fuel Capacity: 8 Gallons
– Horsepower: 37 HP
– Effective CFM Output: 6,000 CFM
– Theoretical Peak CFM: 7,500
– Weight: 943 lb

For asphalt seal coating contractors, the Scag Windstorm provides an indispensable tool for efficient site preparation, ensuring a clean, debris-free surface for coating applications. Its combination of power, maneuverability, and control makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a high-performance, durable solution for their business needs.



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