Businesses and municipalities across the nation frequently choose asphalt for their paving needs. It is an economical choice that is fast to install, and the pavement can last a very long time if given the proper care. Asphalt pavement maintenance, which includes routine preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance, is essential if you want your parking lot or other pavement to have the longest life possible with the fewest significant repairs.

What Should a Preventive Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Program Include?

Preventive asphalt maintenance is intended to preserve the health and integrity of the pavement, but some procedures offer the additional benefit of enhancing the pavement’s aesthetics. Depending on the factors specific to your unique pavement, your maintenance program should include all or most of the following procedures.

What Should a Corrective Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Program Include?

Corrective asphalt maintenance procedures are used to repair damage that has already occurred. When budgeting for your pavement maintenance program, you should consider the following procedures.

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