Starting a sealcoating business requires more than just a passion for asphalt maintenance. It demands a thorough understanding of the industry, a comprehensive list of equipment and materials, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. Here at B&E Sealcoating Products, Inc., we are not only a leading manufacturer of Safe Seal commercial asphalt sealer, but also a premier supplier of asphalt maintenance supplies, tools, and equipment. In this guide, we’ll share essential tips on starting a successful sealcoating business.

1. Understand the Industry

The first step to starting a sealcoating business is developing an in-depth understanding of the industry. This includes gaining knowledge about the types of projects a sealcoating business can undertake, seasonal fluctuations, and current trends. Understanding the dynamics of the asphalt maintenance industry will help you make informed decisions, tailor your services, and ensure your business’s longevity and success.

2. Invest in Quality Sealcoating Products

The quality of your sealcoating product can make or break your business. At B&E Sealcoating Products, Inc., we manufacture Safe Seal, a commercial asphalt sealer known for its superior quality and longevity. When you choose our products, you’re choosing a legacy of quality and excellence that will resonate with your customers and boost your business reputation.

3. Gather Necessary Tools and Equipment

From sealcoating sprayers to crack filling machines, the right tools and equipment are essential for delivering professional services. We supply a wide range of high-quality asphalt maintenance supplies and equipment designed to ensure you can handle any project efficiently and effectively.

4. Learn the Legal Aspects

To legally operate a sealcoating business, you’ll need to understand and comply with your state’s licensing, insurance, and tax laws. It’s also beneficial to seek advice from a local business lawyer to ensure you have all the legalities covered.

5. Develop a Solid Business Plan

Creating a solid business plan is essential. It should outline your target market, set financial goals, establish pricing strategies, and outline your marketing approach. A well-thought-out business plan will provide a clear road map for your business’s growth and success.

6. Market Your Business

Effective marketing can propel your business to new heights. Ensure you have a professional website, like ours at, and consider utilizing social media and local advertising to reach potential clients.

Starting a sealcoating business can be a profitable and rewarding venture if done right. Here at B&E Sealcoating Products, Inc., we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs like you in achieving their business dreams. Feel free to call us at 616-608-6169 for expert advice and top-notch sealcoating products.

Remember, your business’s success depends not only on the quality of the services you offer but also on the quality of the products you use. Trust us for all your sealcoating needs, and we’ll ensure you’re set up for success.