Alligator cracking is one of the most common types of damage in asphalt. It can be found on driveways, parking lots, and public roads.
Excessive load is just one of the causes of alligator cracking. Poorly constructed pavements and inadequate drainage can also hasten deterioration.
Neglecting alligator cracks can lead to more extensive damage, including larger cracks and potholes, which are more expensive to repair.
Fixing alligator cracks is easy with Gator Patch. All you need is a bucket of Gator Patch Asphalt Repair and some tools that you probably already have in your shed.
After applying Gator Patch, you can still seal the surface by letting the asphalt dry and set for 48 hours or more before sealing it.
Do not pressure wash or even just hose down the alligatored area before applying Gator Patch as moisture can interfere with the product’s adhesion and overall quality.
The best time to repair spider-webbed asphalt is in the summer when the surface is dry. Avoid applying Gator Patch a few hours after it has rained or if rain is in the forecast for the day.
If the damage is so extensive that gravel is coming loose, and the area is already pocked with potholes, it’s time to skip the repair part and have your driveway or parking lot repaved entirely.
Fixing alligator cracks on your own using Gator Patch is cost-effective, with a bucket costing less than $150. This can help you save thousands of dollars in the future.
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