How Do Quality Asphalt Lute Materials Reduce Replacement Costs?

A paving lute is exposed to hot temperatures and abrasive materials that can wear down low-quality blades and handles over time. One of the first things to look for in a lute is a blade that is made from a heat-resistant alloy that won’t melt in contact with the hot asphalt. You’ll also want to look for one with a smooth blade that makes lute maintenance easier. A smoother blade helps excess asphalt slide off better, and it reduces the wear and tear on the metal when the handler uses a putty knife to remove the rest.

Does the Type of Asphalt Lute You Buy Really Improve Efficiency?

When you look for a paving tool, you’ll also find that they come in different handle and blade sizes. While you’ll find blades that are two feet wide, most handlers find that using a three-foot blade allows them to move more material faster. A lute handler might also prefer having a longer handle that reduces how much they have to step on the pavement. Being able to work quickly with precision helps your company complete projects on time.

Will Buying a Better Lute Result In More Return Customers?

At the end of the day, your customers are looking to see beautifully smooth pavement with as little downtime as possible. Having to wait for a handler to grab a replacement lute tool reduces their work performance. Additionally, using a lute tool that is designed for the job means that every detail is handled right the first time. For instance, speed bump lute tools are designed to create smoother lines on a curved surface, and paying attention to this detail will result in happier customers that are eager to give your business referrals and come back with their paving maintenance needs.

Find Quality Paving Lutes That Improve Asphalt Project Results

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