What Sealcoating Tools Should I Buy?

Before you shop for sealcoating tools, you need to consider the type and number of projects you plan to handle. For example, are you just launching a business to sealcoat residential driveways exclusively, or are you an established contractor who sealcoats parking lots? Do you just want to sealcoat the pavements on the property or properties that you own or manage? The answers to these questions can help you ensure that you purchase the right asphalt sealcoating tools for your specific needs.

Are There Some Sealcoating Tools That Everyone Should Have?

You can divide asphalt sealcoating tools into two categories. Some are essential tools that you will need to achieve satisfactory results. Others can be nice to have because they can make your life easier, shorten the time it takes to perform a job, or boost your quality levels.

1. High-quality sealcoating spray tips are essential, and you want to make sure that you stock extras. A low-quality tip can sometimes deliver an uneven spray that can waste sealant or provide inferior results. Not having spares on hand could lead to delays in completing a job.
2. Sealcoating wands are also essential tools. Look for an aluminum wand with a brass ball valve, and try to avoid wands with triggers.
3. Squeegees are basic tools for applying sealcoating. However, if your budget permits, you should purchase at least one power brush. Power brushes are better at following the pavement’s contours.
4. You will need at least one sealcoating spray hose. They are available in lengths from 50 feet to 150 feet. Look for hoses that are rated at more than 200 pounds per square inch, lightweight, and designed specifically for sealcoating.
5. Brooms are definitely basic equipment for any sealcoating job. Traditional push brooms with steel bristles can make cleaning the pavement easier and faster.
6. Power blowers are nice to have. They can make debris removal easier, and they can remove the fine particles that a broom might miss.

Are There Other Types of Tools I Should Consider When I Shop for Sealcoating Tools?

Depending on the other services you plan to provide, there are other types of tools that you may need.

1. If you plan to mend cracks, you will need a few asphalt repair tools. Heat lances can help you remove vegetation or moisture from cracks. Wire wheels are great for preparing cracks as well as edging the pavement. You should also carry a supply of rubberized crack sealants.
2. If you plan to apply parking lot line striping or pavement markings, you will need high-quality traffic paints, stencils, and pavement chalk or chalk lines. You might want to consider a parking lot protractor, measuring wheel, and glass bead diffuser.

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