What Is Liquid Snow Shovel?

LSS is a eco-friendly salt brine that is effective in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It will settle in the pavement and concrete pores, so snowplows, traffic, and shovels will not remove it. It is both a de-icing and anti-bonding agent, so you can use it before the storm hits as well as after.
1. When you apply liquid ice melt a few hours before the storm arrives, it will inhibit the formation of a bond between the pavement and the ice or snow. This makes it easier for snow shovels or plows to completely remove the deposits, leaving the pavement clear and bare.
2. When you apply liquid snow shovel melt after a storm, it begins melting the ice and snow immediately. LSS works much faster than rock salt, and it is also far less corrosive.
3. Unlike rock salt, LSS offers residual effects that can prove beneficial in the event of additional snowfall. LSS can continue actively melting snow and ice for several days.

Is Liquid Snow Shovel a Good Rock Salt Replacement?

LSS offers many advantages over rock salt, which is why LSS has become increasingly popular as a parking lot de-icer and sidewalk melt de-icer. In addition to its advantages in speed, residual effects, and corrosive properties, LSS offers the following advantages over rock salt.

1. Less Waste: A typical application of rock salt can have a waste rate of up to 80%. Rock salt does not bond with the pavement, and wind and traffic can disburse it. Rock salt is a one and done approach to melting snow and ice. LSS is a rock salt replacement , wont harm your concrete like sidewalk salt does
2. Temperature: LSS is effective at temperatures as low as a negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Rock salt begins losing its effectiveness at a positive 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Cost: LSS is more cost-effective than rock salt. Furthermore, it is easier to create a fixed budget for your parking lot de-icer.
4. Other: LSS will not leave a white residue on your pavement. It is less likely that people will track LSS indoors on the soles of their shoes, potentially inflicting floor damage. The salinity of LSS is lower than rock salt, so it is more eco-friendly. Furthermore, it is easier to keep LSS confined to just the area you need to treat.

Why Is the Use of a Parking Lot De-Icer Important?

Many vehicles cannot get sufficient traction on ice-covered pavements. Braking, turning, and accelerating in a parking lot can increase the risk of drivers losing control of their vehicles. They could strike your building, another vehicle, your landscaping, or your light poles. They could also strike a pedestrian. In addition to being at risk of being struck by a car, pedestrians could slip on the slick surface and fall. If you do not attempt to deice your pavement, you could be held liable. If you find these reasons insufficient, you might also want to consider that leaving accumulations of ice and snow in place could damage your pavement. This is especially true if your pavement contains cracks or other breaks through which water could enter and refreeze. We find LSS – Liquid Snow Shovel works best with a 1-2 applications per week program to keep ice and snow-free sidewalks. Order and try LSS for yourself today!

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