What Are the Four Categories of Asphalt Repair Tools That You Recommend?

There are many different types of tools and products that you can use for asphalt repairs. However, we believe that some are more versatile than others, thereby giving more value for your money. Thus, we recommend that you have at least one asphalt blower, pothole patch, asphalt rakes/lutes, and an assortment of plate compactors.

What Are Asphalt Blowers?

When repairing asphalt pavement, proper preparation is the key to quality results. Part of the preparation is to make sure that the pavement is free from debris and meticulously clean. Walk-behind blowers are ideal for clearing debris from drainage grates, tight spaces, or potholes. Most models can also move light snow or standing water out of your way. We recommend the Little Wonder brand of blowers. With several models to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your budget.

What Is a Pothole Patch?

Pothole patches are typically all-weather repair products that you can use in wet, dry, cold, or hot conditions. Most products require little more than preparing the hole, pouring the patch, and tamping the material. With a supply of high-quality patch material, you are ready to deal with emergencies or routine repairs in any weather. We recommend three exceptional brands: Safe Seal Asphalt Pothole Cold Patch Material and Aquaphalt.

Why Should I Use an Asphalt Rake lute Instead of a Garden Rake?

There are several similarities between asphalt and garden rakes, but you really need at least one asphalt rake. Garden rakes usually have longer teeth and narrower heads, so they are not the most efficient choice for raking asphalt. A rake that is designed specifically for asphalt can provide better results, especially when making an infrared repair. We recommend the Safe Seal Infrared and Paving Asphalt Rake for a quality tool at an economical price.

Why Do I Need More Than One Plate Compactor?

When it comes to asphalt compaction, speed is of the essence. When repairing a single pothole, you may only need one employee with tamp shoes. On larger jobs, especially full-depth patches, it is more efficient to use a walk-behind compactor. For tamp shoes, we recommend either the Safe Seal Asphalt Tamp Shoes or the Kraft Tool Felted Asphalt Shoes. We also recommend the Multiquip Plate Compactor.

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