What Are Asphalt Sealcoating Additives?

There are many different asphalt sealer additives on the market, and sealcoating manufacturers have developed most of them. The primary purpose of a sealing additive is to enhance or influence the quality of the sealant. For example, there are additives that help keep the sand suspended in the mix to ensure even distribution. Other additives can make the sealcoating darker, alter the mix viscosity, or increase the flexibility of the cured sealant. For extending the sealcoating season, however, the additives of interest affect the rate at which the sealant dries and cures.

Why Do Contractors Typically Establish a Sealcoating Season?

As you may know, by volume, a sealcoating mix is roughly 70% water. To create a strong bond to the pavement and form a barrier over its top, a sealant must evaporate its water. The rate of evaporation relies heavily on the temperature and humidity level. On its own, a temperature drop from 90 degrees to 70 degrees can double the drying time. Going from 90 degrees to 55 degrees, which is the normal minimum for sealcoating, can triple it. Similarly, doubling the humidity level from 40% to 80% can triple the drying time. In many parts of the country, humidity levels tend to increase as temperatures decrease. Since there are fewer hours of sunlight than in the summer, it is easy to see why many contractors close their seasons early.

How Might Asphalt Sealcoating Additives Affect the Drying and Curing Rate of a Sealant?

Sealant manufacturers formulate sealcoating additives that help control the rate at which the sealer dries. This allows contractors to apply asphalt sealcoating when conditions are hovering near unacceptable conditions. Asphalt sealer additives can also provide benefits when sealcoating pavements with northern exposures or heavy shade from nearby buildings. Depending on the sealing additive you choose, you could accelerate the curing time by as much as 80%. Thus, your customers can begin using their parking lots or driveways sooner than if you chose not to use an additive. This can be important to fast food restaurants, grocers, apartment complexes, and others who cannot afford a lengthy pavement closure.

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