What Are Sealcoat Strainer Pots?

A sealcoat strainer filter pot & basket is designed to remove oversized particles and dried sealer that can clog parts of the equipment, resulting in delays, or that could potentially damage the pumps. A good setup will contain a steel sealcoat strainer basket, also known as a sealcoat filter basket, that fits inside a pot with a minimum capacity of two gallons; smaller pots will fill up faster, so operators will need to clean them out more frequently. Other features to check for include the location of the connection, Safe Seal design of pry tabs on the lid to protect the rubber seal, and a metal cover lock. A single sturdy single tee handle makes for easy cleaning.

What Care Do Sealcoat Strainer Pots Require?

After use, the sealcoat strainer basket can be easily pulled and cleaned thoroughly, then the strainer basket should be replaced in pot, cycle asphalt sealer through sealcoat tank spray system checking for leaks, so the next time you try to use it , you will be ready to pump AE Sealer. Be sure not to neglect cleaning to many uses of  the BEP sealcoat strainer filter, sealer will build up and restrict flow. With Safe Seal AE sealer, we clean traps about 1-2 times per week.

Where Should a Sealcoat Strainer Filter Pot & Basket Be Located?

Placement is completely up to you, but the typical configuration is to place it immediately in front of the pump inlet to prevent damage to the pump from large particles. Some contractors prefer to use two separate sealcoat filters with holes of different sizes. Sometimes, they place both of them before the pump inlet in a back-to-back configuration. Other contractors place the strainer with the larger holes at the inlet, then place the one with the smaller holes at the outlet. Although it is not necessary to use two, making doubly sure that unwanted particles are filtered out can never hurt.

The Safe Seal AE Sealcoat Strainer Filter Pot & Basket Checks All the Boxes

At B & E Sealcoat Products, we pride ourselves on offering the best asphalt products at the best prices. The Safe Seal Filter Pot Assembly is easy to use, solidly constructed, and designed to be fast and convenient, so we recommend that you consider it for AE.

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