What Is a Sealcoating Wire Wheel?

As you probably surmised, a wire wheel brush is a round metal object that can fit inside asphalt cracks or around the edges of asphalt pavements to remove dirt, vegetation, and debris. Our wire-wheel crack cleaner brushes fit edgers and crack chasers made by Little Wonder and Grazor that can handle a wheel with a diameter of 8 inches. The adapter goes from 5/8” to 1/2”.

What Are the Benefits of the Best  Sealcoating Wire Wheel?

Asphalt crack tools come in many styles at many prices. When they first start their sealcoating business, many contractors initially rely on hand wire brushes to clean out cracks before repairing them. This method is both time-consuming and physically exhausting. Upgrading to a wire street broom does not bring much relief from the effort, but at least the operator can stand rather than kneel. An asphalt sealcoat wire wheel speeds up the process and requires much less elbow grease. Another benefit of using a wire-wheel crack cleaner is that you are far less likely to chip the surface. Perhaps the most important benefit is that you can deliver a sealcoated pavement with crisp, neat edges and well-repaired cracks, both of which can impress your customers.

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