What Is B&E Doing to Help Maintain an Adequate Inventory in Michigan Sealcoat Shop?

Over the years, we have fostered excellent relationships with our suppliers. We know the kinds of lead times they need, and we stay in close contact with our suppliers so that we know when their lead times change. We monitor our inventory levels closely, and we do not wait until we are out of an item before we reorder. We also listen to what our customers are saying, and this provides us with valuable insights into what they expect to need and when. Our hands-on experience in the industry enables us to help our customers choose the right tools and products for their specific businesses, and we can often recommend options that they have not considered.

What Are Some of the Essential Products in Your Sealcoat Shop?

You can browse our website for more information on the items we offer, we ship nationwide with free shipping available, but here are a few essential items that might interest you.

1. Crack Sealants: We have an adequate inventory of crack sealants, including concrete cold patch products, repair mastics, and rubberized crack and joint sealants. Most products are available in quantities ranging from a single box to a full pallet. We also offer a variety of crack sealant melters.
2. Bensink Rotary Brooms: Bensink rotary brooms can speed up your asphalt prep work. We carry both the mechanical drive and hydraulic drive models, and we also offer replacement broom heads.
3. Graco Line Stripers: After sealcoating a parking lot, Graco line stripers can make it faster and easier to repaint the parking stalls with crisp, clean lines.
4. Bulk Sealer: Save money, obtain exceptional results, and protect the environment by purchasing Safe Seal asphalt sealer in bulk. We also offer a wide selection of sealcoat tanks in various sizes and configurations.

5. Traffic paints, we typically have a stock of striping paints ready for nationwide shipping or local pick up at our Grand Rapids, Michigan location
In addition to offering McAsphalt and Deery hot rubber crack sealants, we offer an extensive selection of products, tools, and supplies. Whether you need eco-friendly sealcoating, hand tools, power washing equipment, line stripers, sealcoat tanks, mastic, wearable safety gear, traffic signs, snow removal products, stencils, crack sealing equipment, lights, asphalt repair equipment, line striping accessories, or asphalt prep equipment, you can count on us for high-quality items at competitive prices. We offer free delivery on most of the items we sell. If you would like us to prepare a quote for you, simply use our online form to send us your information, or call 616-608-6169.