What Is the Importance of the Rubber in Asphalt Crack Sealants?

Pavements are never entirely stationary. They expand and contract during seasonal temperature fluctuations, and, in some locations, the ground may freeze and thaw several times during a single winter, or the pavement may experience significant movement during extremely hot weather. Rubberized sealants can move with the pavement without cracking or breaking their bond with the pavement. Rigid repair materials can lose their bonds, crack, or be dislodged by traffic.

Why Do You Recommend Deery and McAsphalt Hot Rubber Crack Sealants?

Both companies have a history of manufacturing high-quality products that have been carefully created and thoroughly tested. Both companies offer an assortment of hot rubber crack sealants that can be matched to specific pavements, and most sealants are offered in packaging options to suit every customer’s needs. Furthermore, there are several configurations that can be used for installing the sealants, including alternatives for the size and placement of the reservoir as well as options for overbanding.

Can Hot Rubber Crack Sealants Be Used on Concrete Pavements?

Concrete pavements can develop random cracks, but they can also experience problems around their joints. McAsphalt and Deery each produce multiple hot rubber crack sealants that are highly effective ways to seal joints and cracks in concrete pavements.

Are Crack Sealers More Expensive Than Crack Fillers?

There can be a difference in cost between fillers and sealers. However, the longer life of rubberized crack sealants typically offsets the initial expense. If you are an asphalt maintenance contractor, you can offer your customers a longer-lasting repair; if you are a property maintenance manager, you can install a repair that will offer longer protection against water penetration, thereby reducing the likelihood of significant damage that could prove costly to repair.

How Do I Know Which Hot Rubber Crack Sealant to Choose?

You can visit each manufacturer’s site to find specifications, application instructions, and more details. You can also contact us for personalized assistance.

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