Asphalt can be a relatively straightforward job, but only if you have the right tools to help you with the work. Here at Safe Seal of Michigan, we provide the very best seal coating products on the market. That means that you can get to work, secure in the knowledge that you’ve got the best tools for the project by your side. In this blog, we’re going to run through four of the essentials. Make sure that you have them when you get to work, and you’ll find that the task is all the more straightforward. 

  1. Blower

Whether you’re resurfacing the ground or seal-coating it, you’ll need to make sure that the ground is ready for the project. If there are imperfections present, then it’ll be more likely that you’ll run into problems later on. You’ll need to clear any debris and other objects. Some of these, you can remove by hand, but there’ll be other dirt and debris that is too small and which requires a specialist tool. Enter the blower, which can generate air speeds of up to 200 mph. That’ll be enough to clear away any leftover debris. 

  1. Broom

You’ll need some specialist, high-tech equipment if you’re going to complete an asphalt project to the highest possible standard. But that doesn’t mean that all the equipment you need has to be so advanced. For instance, there’s the broom. This isn’t code for some other high-end piece of technology; we mean a classic broom. It might sound basic, but you’ll find that you’ll use a broom more often than you might imagine. You’ll need it during the cleanup part of the project and also at various other times for those harder to reach spots that your higher-end tech just can’t reach. 

  1. Heat Lance

An asphalt project should come out perfect. Many times, there will be cracks that have debris or are wet, especially if it’s a sealcoating project. A heat lance can help to get rid of vegetation in these cracks. It’ll also help to clean it too, so you can rest assured that your repair project is completed to the highest possible standards. This will also help to speed up your projects if they’ve been interrupted by adverse weather, which can happen more frequently than we’d like in Michigan! 

  1. Wire Wheel

Finally, there’s the wire wheel. You’ll use this to edge or clear cracks in asphalt. They’re long and affordable and can be used during both the paving prep and asphalt seal coat project. They’re highly effective at edging, so you can make sure that your asphalt looks as good as possible. They’re long-lasting, too, so you can expect to have yours with you for a long time.

What Asphalt-Related Products Are Available From B & E Seal Coat Products?

Our offerings are too numerous to list here. We carry all of the top brands, including Aqua Patch, Aquaphalt , Deery Crack Sealants, Little Wonder, Ryno Worx, Gingway Melters, Keson, Seal-Rite, and our own Safe Seal products. Categories include asphalt prep, hand tools, line striping machines and accessories, traffic signs, power washing equipment, pavement stencils, crack sealing equipment, and sealcoat tanks. Spend some time exploring our website, then contact us if you have questions, need additional assistance, or want to place an order.

How Do I Contact B & E Seal Coat Products?

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