If you ask a dozen people who are planning to start a sealcoating business what they need to prioritize, you might get a number of different answers. Some people would reply that the priority should be to find the best sealant manufacturer, others might want to prioritize a great website, and still others might feel that they should prioritize a marketing plan. However, the best asphalt sealants, the greatest websites, and the most detailed marketing plans will be of little assistance without the right sealcoating equipment.

What Are the Right Sealcoating Tools and Equipment?

Choosing the right asphalt sealcoating products, tools, and equipment does not mean that you select the costliest items. The items you choose need to be the right ones for you. You need to consider the size of the projects that will be your main focus. For example, if you plan to start by sealcoating small parking lots or residential driveways, a tank that holds 750 gallons should be sufficient to complete your jobs without refilling. If you plan to sealcoat the parking lots at shopping malls or airport runways, you might want to consider a tank with at least twice that capacity Or a bulk sealcoat storage tank near by. However, before you purchase a tank, you must have a plan for transporting it. When filled with 750 gallons of sealcoating, the weight of the tank and the sealcoating typically exceeds 11,000 pounds. Does your trailer or truck have the axle capacity for the weight? Be sure to conduct your research to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What Other Considerations Are There When Purchasing Sealcoating Equipment?

Once you have decided on the capacity of the tank and its transportation method, you need to consider the pump. An air-powered diaphragm pump is a cost-effective option that can typically handle a variety of materials, including mixes that incorporate up to three pounds of silica sand in each gallon. As you probably surmised from the name, these pumps rely on an air compressor, so you must take that into consideration when preparing your shopping list. The next item on your list requires you to decide on your method of application. Sprayers are fast, and they are ideal for smooth pavements. Squeegees are better for rough pavements. With enough experience, you will be able to use either method on any surface without sacrificing the quality of your work. However, you might want to have both options available to you, so choosing a machine that can apply the sealant with either a sprayer or a squeegee may be the right decision. Again, be sure to research your options before making a decision. In particular, research the maintenance requirements, any limitations, and the availability of repair parts and technicians.

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