QwikSeal Rubber Crack Sealant is an easy peel and stick asphalt solution that has been designed for sealing asphalt cracks, seams around pavement patches, and smoothens concrete joints. As a contractor, we all know that getting a job done fast and efficiently is the key to making money. We have found Qwikseal to be an essential product on our trucks for the small, simple fixes when it is time prohibitive to use hot rubber.

The QwikSeal Sealant prevents water from seeping into the pavement from rain and snow. The goal is to prevent the deterioration of your asphalt and prolong its usage for years to come.

The application is simple. First, you must make sure that the surface is clean and dry before starting the fix. Next, unroll the QwikSeal and apply it to the pavement’s surface. You can warm the edges to ensure that the bond of the new material cohesively sticks to the old asphalt. It’s that easy. Clean, apply, heat – a simple fix!

QwikSeal is available for purchase online or in our Grand Rapids, Mi Store.