As a Grand Rapids, MI asphalt supplier, we’re proud to offer AQUA PATCH for pothole repair. Unlike other asphalt repair products, AQUA PATCH can be used in all types of weather year-round. Whether you’re new to the asphalt industry or are looking to expand your business, you can trust us to carry AQUA PATCH and other asphalt repair products so you can continue working year-round. Continue reading to learn how to repair asphalt in winter with AQUA PATCH.

Fixing Potholes with AQUA PATCH

Why are there more potholes in winter?

Asphalt expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, which is why it’s important you stock up on AQUA PATCH. Potholes are often the result of cracks that were left unrepaired the previous season. We often recommend AQUA PATCH asphalt because it can be used during the winter, which can give you an advantage over the competition.

As asphalt contracts, cracks widen and allow water to seep underneath the paved surface. Once the temperature drops, this trapped water expands as it freezes. When the temperature rises, the ice melts and leaves behind an empty space beneath the weakened surface of a parking lot or driveway. At this point, all it takes is the weight of a vehicle to make the weakened surface collapse and form a pothole.

What is cold patching?

Cold patching uses cold-mix asphalt to patch over damaged sections of pavement. For example, you may recommend a cold patch to your customer if they have a deep pothole that can’t wait until spring to be filled. As an asphalt supplier in Grand Rapids, MI, we offer AQUA PATCH to contractors just like you. Unlike other types of cold patch asphalt, AQUA PATCH can be used in the rain. In fact, rain and moisture actually help streamline pothole repair.

Can you use AQUA PATCH in the winter?

AQUA PATCH can be used for pothole repair in the winter and year-round. AQUA PATCH is activated by water, which means you can even repair potholes after it rains. Simply fill the pothole with AQUA PATCH, add water, and tamp down for a permanent asphalt repair your customers will appreciate.

How long does it take AQUA PATCH to harden?

AQUA PATCH is ready to be driven on as soon as it’s compacted, allowing you to open roads, parking lots, and driveways immediately after pothole repair. Your customers will appreciate the quick turnaround time and may even recommend your services to others. AQUA PATCH is a permanent pothole repair that’s just as durable as hot mix asphalt.

Is AQUA PATCH permanent?

Unlike other cold patch products, AQUA PATCH is a permanent solution. This means that you won’t have to go back to the same customers in the spring to fill potholes with hot-mix asphalt. Instead, your customers will be able to enjoy the improved appearance and function of their paved surfaces once the snow melts.

As an asphalt supplier in Grand Rapids, MI, we’re proud to offer some of the best cold patch products for local contractors. To request a quote for AQUA PATCH or any of our asphalt repair products, call B&E Seal Coat Products at (616) 608-6169.