We’ve seen too many contractors make the mistake of underestimating how much supplies or what capacity sealcoating equipment they’ll need for the season. We want to make sure you avoid making the same mistakes so your company can survive and thrive. Continue reading to learn our expert tips for buying the right sealcoating equipment for the size and scope of your company. We’re here to help.

Choosing Sealcoating Equipment

Know Your Goals

What goals do you hope to crush by the end of the sealcoating season? For example, if you’re just hoping to make some quick cash during the summer, you may only need small capacity sealcoating equipment. However, if you plan on being in the sealcoating business for years, it’s time to bite the bullet and get the next tank size up.

It’s important that you understand what size sealcoating equipment will help you meet your long-term goals. Otherwise, you’ll quickly outgrow a piece of sealcoating equipment that’s too small for your operation. Our smallest sealcoat tank is 300 gallons, but buying the smallest tank will limit the types of jobs you can accept.

If you plan on growing your business, you may be better off with at least the 550 gallon sealcoat tank. If you have questions about what size sealcoat tank is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask. We can help you choose sealcoating equipment that makes sense for your business model.

Know How Far You Have to Travel

We’re conveniently located in Grand Rapids, which is perfect for most West Michigan contractors. However, if you have to drive a fair distance to get to us, you should seriously consider getting a bigger tank size to reduce how many trips you’ll have to make for supplies.

Driving to pick up asphalt sealer and other supplies cuts into time you could have spent looking for the next job. Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or are just starting out, your primary focus should always be to do quality work as efficiently as possible. We offer the sealcoating equipment for sale you need to do just that.

Buy More Asphalt Sealer

You can never have enough asphalt sealer, especially since it doesn’t go bad or expire. If you’re new to the business, we understand how you may be hesitant to buy more sealer than you think you’ll need. However, any veteran in the business will tell you that you’re better off having extra asphalt sealer sit in the tank than running out in the middle of a job.

Your time is worth just as much as manpower and money. How much time do you think you’ll spend driving to us in between jobs if you don’t stock up on the parking lot and driveway sealer you need now? Our advice? Buy more asphalt sealer than what you think you’ll need.

Newbies tend to underestimate how much sealer they should buy. As you work more in this industry, you’ll get a better sense of how much parking lot and driveway sealer will get you through the season.

We have a reputation for setting up asphalt contractors with the supplies they need to run their businesses. To learn more about our sealcoating equipment for sale, call B&E Seal Coat Products at (616) 608-6169.