Summer is one of the busiest times for asphalt contractors. Since the temperature is now consistently above 50 degrees, more and more homeowners will be calling to schedule driveway sealcoating. Sealcoating not only protects asphalt from precipitation, but from automobile fluids and UV rays. Continue reading to learn what sealcoating and asphalt products you’ll need to stock up on this summer.

Little Wonder Blower

Before getting started, you’ll need to remove any leaves, pollen, and dirt. We recommend the Little Wonder blower, which is strong enough to move heavy wet leaves. We can help you determine the most appropriate horsepower for the types of jobs you accept. The Little Wonder blower is more efficient that simply trying to brush away debris with a broom, saving you time and labor.

Little Wonder Pro Asphalt Crack Cleaner

Driveway sealer can’t fill cracks. Instead, asphalt repair has to be done before you can start sealcoating. We recommend using the Little Wonder Pro asphalt crack cleaner to help your next job go faster. The sooner you’re able to fill asphalt cracks, the sooner you’ll be able to start driveway sealcoating.


AQUA PATCH can be used year-round, even during cold or wet weather. For this reason, asphalt contractors trust AQUA PATCH to fill potholes before starting asphalt sealcoating. The last thing you want is for a project to be delayed because your team wasn’t prepared to fill cracks and potholes before sealcoating.

Since driveway sealer is a preventive measure, you’ll need to fill cracks and potholes before getting started. Fortunately, AQUA PATCH can be used to repair both asphalt and concrete so you’re always prepared. AQUA PATCH is convenient because it can be used in all conditions, even to repair potholes filled with water.

AQUA PATCH is activated by water, which means you shouldn’t open this product until you’re ready to fill potholes. Even the moisture in the air can be enough to start the curing process. Once the hole is completely filled with AQUA PATCH, simply add water and tamp down. You can walk and drive on the asphalt patch immediately after compaction.

Safe Seal™

Safe Seal protects asphalt from precipitation, UV rays, and automobile fluids. We manufacture and distribute Safe Seal, which is safe for both the environment and humans. Safe Seal is also fast drying so your next customer can start using their asphalt driveway that much sooner.

Sealcoating gives your customer’s asphalt driveway a rich black color so it looks like new. Despite its appearance, asphalt is extremely porous. Left unprotected, your customer’s pavement will start to fade, soften, and eventually crumble. Fortunately, asphalt sealer covers the entire surface with a flat black coat that seals small voids. Encourage your customers to sealcoat their driveways so they can extend pavement life.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the supplies you’ll need this summer, it’s a good start. B&E Seal Coat Products in Grand Rapids is dedicated to helping contractors find the right supplies to better serve customers. To browse our inventory of sealcoating and asphalt products, call (616) 608-6169.