While you’re filling cracks and potholes, you may notice your customers also need parking lot striping. It’s not uncommon for parking lot paint to fade after being exposed to the elements over winter. There are five main reasons why a commercial building owner will need to keep up on parking lot striping. If you notice faded parking lot paint, let your customers know what they can do to reduce liability and boost curb appeal.

1.) Prevents Door Dings

Faded parking lot lines make it difficult for drivers to see where to park. If you notice that parking lot spaces aren’t clearly marked, let your customer know so they can make an informed decision for their property.

When drivers can’t clearly see line striping, they park farther apart to avoid dinging car doors. Be sure to point out to your customer how this reduces the number of usable parking spaces in their lot. They may be more receptive to parking lot striping when they learn how many more cars could park closer to their building.

Summer is the perfect time to recommend parking lot striping to clients because you’ll need dry weather conditions. Ask if your customer has a sprinkler system so you can make sure the parking lot is dry the day you come back for line striping. Any sprinkler systems will need to be turned off at least 12 hours before line striping.

2.) Improves Parking

Parking spaces need to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from sedans to SUVs. If your customer’s parking spaces are too narrow, you’ll need to measure their lot. With this information, you’ll be able to paint the appropriate number of parking spots for the space available.

3.) Improves Safety

If your customer is resistant to parking lot line painting, remind them that it’s their responsibility to maintain safe parking lot conditions. Otherwise, they could be sued the next time someone trips over a pothole or damages their vehicle.

If you notice that parking spaces are faded, check the rest of your customer’s pavement. If the line striping is faded, they’ll most likely need to retouch pedestrian crossings, fire lanes, handicap spaces, and arrows that clearly mark the flow of traffic. Fortunately, we have plenty of parking lot paint, stencils, and other line striping products so you can get the job done.

4.) Reduces Liability

Your customer can be held liable for unsafe parking lot conditions that cause injury or property damage. Fortunately, you’re in a position to help your client reduce liability through asphalt repair and maintenance.

If your client is unsure whether it’s in their budget to do parking lot striping, ask them if it’s in their budget to cover damages for personal injury. Parking lot maintenance reduces your customer’s liability so they can continue running their business.

5.) Boosts Curb Appeal

Your customer’s business depends on being able to attract as many paying customers as possible. Unfortunately, it’s harder to do this if their parking lot is neglected. Let your customers know what types of asphalt paving services you offer so they can make the best decisions for their commercial properties.

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