We are proud to offer Aqua Patch as a permanent asphalt repair product. Not only is Aqua Patch as durable and long-lasting as hot-mix asphalt, but it can be applied in all weather conditions. This means that you can continue parking lot and driveway repairs well after the snow flies.

Continue reading to learn more about this exciting cold patch product that can be used to repair both asphalt and concrete year-round.

What is Aqua Patch used for?

You can use Aqua Patch to repair asphalt and concrete. Aqua Patch is used for many applications, which include concrete patches, pothole repair, utility cuts, manhole repairs, and even bridge joints. One of the best features of Aqua Patch is that you can walk and drive on it immediately after compaction. This makes Aqua Patch perfect for high traffic areas. Aqua Patch can be used for projects of all sizes, from asphalt driveway repair to road construction.

How does Aqua Patch work?

Don’t open Aqua Patch bags until you’re ready to pour them into the pothole. Even the moisture in the air can be enough to start the curing process. Once the hole is completely filled, simply add water and tamp down. You can walk or drive on the patch immediately after compaction.

How long does a repair with Aqua Patch last?

Aqua Patch comes with a 3-year cure guarantee. Unlike other cold patch asphalt, Aqua Patch is a permanent asphalt and concrete repair.

What weather is best for using Aqua Patch?

Aqua Patch can be used in all types of weather. Unlike hot-mix asphalt, you don’t have to wait for warm sunny weather to start repairs. This is perfect for commercial properties because you don’t have to wait until late spring to start repairing potholes. Aqua Patch not only keeps parking lots safe for drivers and pedestrians, but helps property owners avoid liability for personal injury claims.

Do you have a pothole full of water? No problem. Like the name suggests, Aqua Patch is an asphalt patch that activates with water. This means that standing water actually helps Aqua Patch bond and harden faster. Since no tack coat is required, you can finish asphalt repairs that much faster.

Is Aqua Patch environmentally friendly?

Yes. Aqua Patch is made out of a proprietary blend of organic additives that are safe for the environment and humans. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about hydrocarbon leaching or evaporating into the environment.

How should Aqua Patch be stored?

Since Aqua Patch is activated by water, you’ll need to store it in a dry place. Thankfully, Aqua Patch is packaged in tough waterproof bags so they’ll be ready to use during your next project. Don’t open the Aqua Patch bags until you are ready to pour it into the pothole. Even the humidity in the air can be enough to trigger the curing process.

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